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30cm / Japanese Urushi Lacquered Obon Tray | Negoro Nuri | Ozen Tableware


Beautifully Urushi finished Obon tray - Negoro-Nuri.
You can also use as an Ozen.

"Ozen" refers to a traditional Japanese dining style where a complete meal is served on a tray or set of lacquered plates. This style of dining is often associated with Kaiseki or multi-course meals. Each element of the meal, including rice, soup, pickles, and various small dishes, is meticulously arranged to create a visually appealing and balanced presentation. The emphasis is on seasonal ingredients, artful preparation, and the overall harmony of flavors. The term "ozen" is used to describe the presentation of a full, well-rounded meal in a compact and elegant manner, showcasing the culinary skills and aesthetics of Japanese cuisine.

W 30 cm x H 2.5 cm / 350-390g
Very beautiful condition ★★★★☆

* There are tiny scratches on the black underside when the light is shone on it, but overall it is in excellent condition, including the top surface.

* "OPTION B" has a slightly bent (tilted) bottom and does not sit snugly on the table. (This is a distortion of the natural wood.)
It is fine for carrying items as a tray, but not suitable for eating with a plate on it.

NO dishwasher.
NO direct sun light.

This is real WOODEN lacquerware made by skilled Japanese artisans through a number of processes. Authentic products made in Japan.
There are many modern lacquerware made of phenolic resin (plastic) in the market.
*Plastic sinks in water, real wood floats.


Customer Reviews

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I love this item I purchased, which I will cherish. I'd also like to say the customer service was outstanding.
This shop has great communication, excellent packaging for international delivery, and overall is very professional.
I could not recommend more 👏


Great quality, great packaging and shipping and service. Thank you!