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Vase by Yasuo Yamato

Vase by Yasuo Yamato (noted potter of Hagi ware in Yamaguchi Prefecture)

H26.5 x W21cm
Vase 2300g
Very good condition ★★★★☆
No chips, No cracks

*NO box.
*This vase will be shipped out via Fedex. Please provide your telephone number.

1933 : Born in Yamaguchi City
1959 : Selected for the first time at Nitten (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition).
1960 : Awarded the Excellence Prize at the West Japan Craft Exhibition
1975 : Selected for the first time at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, and since then has been selected consecutively.
1988 : Recognized as the holder of Yamaguchi Prefecture's Intangible Cultural Property, Hagiyaki.
1989 : Awarded Yamaguchi Prefecture's Honorable Mention for Distinguished Services to Art and Culture.
1993 : Works acquired by the British Museum, U.K.
2000 : Works were collected by Ise Jingu Shrine, Ise, Japan
2007 : Awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon

Currently the holder of the Yamaguchi Prefecture Designated Intangible Cultural Asset "Hagiyaki".

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