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Vase by Goro Kawamoto / H23cm


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Great vase by highly respected potter Goro Kawamoto.
Very rare piece.
Goro Kawamoto was an artist who pursued the possibilities of contemporary ceramic art expression, aiming for a free form of beauty without being bound by the conventional wisdom of the ceramic art world.

H26cm x W 10.5 / 8.5cm 1010g
Very good condition ★★★★☆
No chips, No cracks

*This vase will be shipped out via Fedex.


KAWAMOTO, GORO (1919~1986)
1946 : Became a member of the Seto Ceramic Association.

1950 : Became an adopted son of potter Kawamoto Reitei.

1953 : Exhibited his work at the "9th Nitten" and was selected for the first time. Awarded the highest prize at the Asahi Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition.

1958 : Awarded the Grand Prix at the Brussels World Exposition.

1959 : Awarded the highest design prize at the California International Exposition. Purchased by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for his works exhibited at the Belgian Arts and Crafts Exhibition.
Awarded the Chunichi Prize at the 2nd New Nitten.

1960 : Awarded the Highest Prize at the 9th Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Art Exhibition. Awarded the Newcomer's Prize of the Ceramic Society of Japan and the Grand Prize of the 20th Seto Ceramic Art Exhibition.

1962 : Selected for the 1st Japan Contemporary Crafts Exhibition and awarded the Grand Prize of the Japan Contemporary Crafts Grand Prize.
Member of the Society of Contemporary Craft Artists of Japan. Awarded the Hokuto Prize at the 5th New Nitten.

1963 : Awarded the Minister of Education's Encouragement Prize at the 1st Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition.

1964 : Awarded the Minister of Education Prize at the 2nd Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition. Invited to exhibit at the Contemporary International Ceramic Art Exhibition.
Commissioned to exhibit at the 7th New Nitten. Participated in the "Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Artists" at Okayama Tenmanya, Okayama, Japan.

1965 : Invited to exhibit at the "International Handicraft Exhibition Special Exhibition" in West Germany, and received the Gold Prize.
Participated in the "New York International Art Festival" organized by the Japanese government, and exhibited every year since then.

1967 : Exhibited at the Montreal World Exposition.

1973 :Appointed as a member of the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum's archive committee. Became a councilor and juror for the China-Japan International Ceramic Art Exhibition.

1978 : Became a councilor of Nitten. Became a councilor of the Japan Federation of New Craft Artists.

1982 : Commended by the Governor of Aichi Prefecture.

1984 : Awarded the Tokai Television Culture Prize.

1986 : Died at the age of 67. Awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette.

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