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H24cm / Vase by Izuru Yamamoto | Bizen-Yaki


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Beautiful vase by Izuru Yamamoto (Bizen-Yaki)
* this vase will be shipped out via Fedex. 

H 24cm x W 9.2cm
VASE : 1716g
BOX : 385g
In good condition.

1944 : Born in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture as the fourth son of the Living National Treasure Toshu Yamamoto.
1970 : Studied pottery under Toshu.
1987 : Izuru’s vase became one of the collection of Brooklyn Museum of Art
2009 : Collection of The Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art.
2012 : Certified as an important intangible cultural property holder by Okayama Prefecture.

Bizen-Yaki (Okayama Prefecture) is created using the Yakushime method of firing unglazed wares at high temperatures.
Using red pine wood in the firing process beautiful natural colours and tones emerge from the clay.
Bizen clay has a high iron content which enables the pottery to retain heat or remain cool.
Bizen -Yaki reflects the Japanese artistic sensibility emphasising inner beauty and subtlety.


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