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370ml / Vintage Sake Set with 2 Cups | Kurojoka


Beautiful Sake pot called Kurojoka with 3 cups
(Satuma Ware in Kagoshima)
Kurojoka is originally for serving Japanese Shochu (Japanese liquor similar to vodka).
You can enjoy Kurojoka for serving Sake or tea too.

The pot holds 370ml. / 448g

In good condition.

*Please don't wash wood handle.

How to use:
Pour shochu and water (1:1) in kurojoka and leave it for 1 day.
Put Kurojoka on fire (direct fire is fine) and warm it very slowly (don't boil).
Shochu will taste very mild and more flavor will come out.
This is how people in Satsuma have treated guests for hundreds of years.