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Nice Hagi-yaki (Yamaguchi prefecture) sake cup / small tea cup for your collection. Good vintage cup.

W 6.2 cm x H 4.6 cm  / 54g

Good condition ★★★☆☆
No chips, No cracks
price is for 1 cup


Hagi ware (Hagi-yaki) is a type of traditional Japanese pottery in Yamaguchi prefecture. Hagi ware is distinguished for its earthy texture. It is due to the type of the local clay used to create Hagi ware called Kuchi-tsuchi. The translucent beige glaze is to draw out the natural, deep colors of the clay. After being heated in the kiln, the glaze creates its signature fine web of cracks and fine pores - known as kan-nyuu or crazing - while cooling. Throughout the heating and cooling process, the cracks form because the glaze shrinks faster than the clay.

As you use it, the color of the glaze may become darker. This is natural as the slightly porous surface absorbs the tea residues or sake through its tiny crackles, maturing over time. This color change is called “Nanabake” (Seven transformations), where people find the beauty and the importance of the flow of time. This is one of the most beautiful part of Hagi ware, the pottery will look better and richer as you use it.

Regarding tea wares, there is an old saying in Japanese that is ''One, Raku; two, Hagi; three, Karatsu.'' This old tea adage indicates the rank of tea wares preferred for tea ceremonies. It implies that tea wares with distinguishing characteristics of earthy feel and looks are most valued.