Tea Cup by Tarouemon Nakazato 13th | Karatsu Ware


Stunning tea cup from Taroemon Nakazato XIII.

Taroenmon Nakazato 13th (Potter name HOUAN) (1923 - 2009) ,the most famous Karatsu potter who received many awards including Nitten (1951), Japan Art Academy (1984), etc.

Nice piece with iron glaze drawing.

In good condition.

W 6 cm x H 8.8 cm  / 145-163g  / Holds 150ml. 

Karatsu Ware, this traditional handicraft has been produced since the 16th century. One of the most notable features of Karatsu ware is the way it retains the feel of the clay in an uncomplicated manner, but without looking too coarse. Karatsu ware was originally created for everyday use items such as tableware, pitchers, and other household items. The style is considered a good example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. 


**Original box is not included