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Vase by Toru Kawai | Japanese Mingei Pottery


Vase by Toru Kawai.
Toru Kawai is known for having a father, Takeichi Kawai, and a great-uncle, Kanjiro Kawai.
His father, Takeichi Kawai, is known for having worked as an assistant to Bernard Leach, and his great-uncle, Kanjiro Kawai, was the most famous potter in Japan and one of the leading members of the folk art movement.
The glazes of the KAWAI family have uniquely formulated colors.

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H 16.5cm x W 9.3cm / 830g
Very good condition ★★★★☆
No chips, No cracks

Born as first son of ceramic artist Kawai Takeichi
Begins apprenticing under his father
Father & son exhibition, Fukuya Dept. Store Gallery, Hiroshima.
Begins solo exhibitions from this time on.
1983 to present
Holds exhibitions at Takashimaya Galleries in: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yonago & Okayama.

He was also the last disciple to receive instruction and inspiration from Kawai Kanjirō, assisting the legendary master with large communal firings at a massive noborigama climbing kiln.

Kawai Tōru's works are wood-fired in a four-chambered noborigama climbing kiln established by his father in a rural area of Kaméoka city (Kyoto Prefecture) where wood-burning kilns are still permitted. The kiln was christened Nantan-gama, or Nantan Kiln. Firings requiring a small team to tend to the kiln every few minutes with new splits of red pine. From loading to unloading, the event takes 3 days to complete.


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