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52 x 53cm / Katagami | Vintage Stencil Paper 106


Beautiful KIMONO stencil paper - great for interior / gift.

Rare very good vintage condition. High quality Katagami.

W 52cm x H 53 cm


For shipping it will be rolled.

“Katagami” is the Japanese craft of making paper stencils for dyeing textiles.
It has been used as an elegant way to decorate patterns on kimono, and designated one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan. 
The art is traditionally centered on the city of Suzuka in Mie Prefecture. 

Multiple layers of thin washi paper are bonded with a glue extracted from persimmon, which makes a strong flexible brown coloured paper. 
Making paper itself needs high technical skill by artisans. After drying, smoke for 10days in smoking room, then laid for a year. Then papers are taken over by the cutting artisans.
Each one is cut by hand, with a free-hand knife or a punch tool.

Japanese life-style has changed and Kimono is no more our major costume. The emergence of advanced technologies, such as digital painting and computer graphics have also threatened the meaning of its existence. The katagami industry is facing serious issues of a decline in demand as well as the aging craftsmen without having successors. Ise-Katagami is primarily a tool in the process of dyeing kimono and other cloth, therefore, it hasn’t attracted a great deal of attention. However, artistry and the charm of Ise-Katagami beyond its traditional use has been getting discovered by some artists and an innovative use of Ise-Katagami for furniture and interior goods has been already initiated. 

Katagami is resistant to water.
It is recommended to frame as a wall art, or lampshade.
Good Interior decoration.