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11.2cm / Old INBAN Small Plate | Japanese Antique Porcelain | Japanese Graphic | Retro Dish


Japanese small retro plate for your collection.
Antique small dish made by old hand-transfer  technique  called INBAN.
Made at least 100 years ago. Nice piece.

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W 11.2 cm x H 2cm / 105-115g 
Condition ★★☆☆☆
No cracks.
If you are seeking perfect condition item, this is not for you.
INBAN plates are items to enjoy antique/retro casually. 
Enjoy Japanese classic graphic.

Inban plates have been loved by the common people since the Edo period.
The process of making an inban involves wetting the transfer paper and printing it by hand on a three-dimensional surface. 
In the process of transferring, shades of color, pattern omissions, blotches, cuts, and misalignments are created.

Although it is a mass-produced printed material, each piece is made by hand, so the design may be missing or misaligned, and this is what makes it unique.
I find this delightful and fascinating.
The patterns are not only stylish and graphical, but also diverse, reflecting the times with motifs of current fashions and buildings of the time.


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