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about Ise-Katagami, japanese kimono stencil

Amazing Ise-Katagami

Katagami is the Japanese craft of making paper stencils for dyeing textiles.
It has been used as an elegant way to make decorative patterns on kimono, and designated as one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan.
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story of old-imari ware

Ko-Imari (Old Imari)

Old Imari is probably the most famous Japanese pottery in the world. Imari ware is a porcelain made in Saga and Nagasaki Prefecture (former Hizen Province), northwestern Kyushu island. 
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story of Japanese Hagi ware

Beauty of Crackles | Hagi-Yaki

Hagi ware (Yamaguchi Prefecture) is characterized by its unique earthy texture, which is created by the rough, low-compacted clay. 

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