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Vase by Shigetaka Kato | Japanese Ceramic Art


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Vase by Shigetaka Kato (1927-2013)

H 16.5cm x W 5.8cm / 440g
Very good condition ★★★★☆
No chips, No cracks
* Wooden box has stain /dirt.

1927 Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture as the third son of Kato Tokuro
1945 Graduated from Seto Ceramic School, Aichi Prefecture, and studied pottery under his father
1966 Awarded the Hokuto Prize at the Nitten Exhibition
1967 Awarded the Ceramic Society of Japan Prize
1970 Awarded the Craft Prize at the Japan Modern Crafts Exhibition
1971 Stopped participating in public exhibitions and began showing his work in solo exhibitions
1990 Published "The Works of Shigetaka Kato" from Kodansha
1997 Published "Tsuchi yo Honoo yo" (clay and fire) from Kazemyosha Publishing Co.
1998 Received the Nagoya Art Special Prize.
2008 "Kato Tokuro, Shigetaka, Takahiro - Exhibition of Three Generations of Kiln Builders -" was held.

His works skillfully handle clay and make the most of its materiality. There is a story that when the Spanish painter Joan Miró visited Karakuro, he was more interested in Shigetaka's works than in Karakuro's and highly praised his talent.


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