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Tea Cup | Shodai Ware


Nice tea cup from Shodai Ware.
Slightly smaller than others.

W 7.8 cm x H 5.5 cm
Holds about 90ml
Beautiful piece in good condition.

Shoda Ware (Shodai Yaki) is a pottery produced mainly in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture.
Shodai Yaki is characterized by its simple yet powerful forms and bold designs created by pouring glaze.

The characteristic design is created by using different colored glazes, such as yellow and white glazes made from straw and bamboo grass ashes, and pouring them over the clay. 

Shodai Yaki i is sometimes called "Gotoku-yaki" (meaning "five virtues" in Japanese), as it is said to be "impervious to decay," "impervious to odor," "impervious to moisture," "effective in eliminating poison," and "prolonging life and longevity. This indicates that Shodaiyaki has been popular not only as tea utensils, but also as highly practical daily tableware.

*Please be aware that all of products are vintage or pre-owned, meaning they are with a little dirt, scratches, stain.