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story of old-imari ware

Ko-Imari (Old Imari)

Old Imari is probably the most famous Japanese pottery in the world. Imari ware is a porcelain made in Saga and Nagasaki Prefecture (former Hizen Province), northwestern Kyushu island. 

Arita ware is the major ware of this region, but it is collectively called Imari ware because the port of Imari was used to transport porcelain to Europe in the late 17th to early 18th century.

For wares produced in the Edo period (1600 -1868), it is called Ko-Imari (Old Imari).

The wonderful charm of Ko-Imari is the skill and sense of the potters, and the beautiful shape of the potter's wheel and the delicate brushwork create a gorgeous and dignified atmosphere.
Many of the pieces have very modern designs that are still relevant today. Some are gorgeous and some simple and pretty.

Such works are still produced today, but unfortunately they do not have the same atmosphere as old pieces.


about Old Imari ware (Ko-Imari)